Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney Birthday for Jim (??)

Disney is free on your birthday this year, so we decided to take Jim to Disneyland. Since it is Southern California 2Fer time they gave him a 2Fer pass, so not only did we get to enjoy Jim's birthday...but we will be back within 30 days for a trip to California Adventure. How fun is that???

My favorite is still the Enchanted Tiki Room. Lucy loved the train ride where she got to see the dinosaurs.'s a Pirate's Life for Jim all the way!

We also got a new camera with our tax return this year, so Jim had a very fun day playing with it at Disneyland.

Here's some of the highlights of the day:
The entrance to Pixie Hollow (plan to wait at least an hour)

Giving Iridessa a hug

Getting Tink's autograph

My daughter is one crazy driver...hope she get's better in the next 12 years! Ha ha!

Princess Face Painting

Pooh Corner

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