Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Musings - The 4 Year Old

So, Lucy is having a little trouble with the concept of being reverent in Sacrament Meeting. Yesterday was no exception. She was warned and no avail. I had to take her out and as we were heading out she is crying "Where are you taking me? What are you going to do to me?" which gets a lot of laughs and smiles from those we have to pass along the way. (We sit in the back there aren't many.)

I calmly walk her to the Mother's Room and tell her to put her nose in the corner. She is screaming and crying and telling me that she will be good, all the time I am telling her to be quiet. She finally calms down and is quiet for a few moments, so she is then allowed to sit in one of the rocking chairs. I start explaining to her (for the 5,000th time!) why we need to be quiet in the chapel. I remind her that she is a big girl now and that big girls sit quietly and listen or color or look at their books. I remind her that she is the one who keeps telling me that she is a big girl when I call her a little girl. She calmly listens to me and then says:

"I want to be a little girl today, Mom."

What's a mom to do?


DeAnn said...

I LOVE this post. Some days I WANT to be the little girl too. Being the grown up girl is hard. Wouldn't it be nice to go to church and just lay on the bench and fall asleep? Or color and look at picture books? I will pass on putting my nose in the corner - although I'm sure it would make me be more reverent in Church.

Do you know how much I adore you?

Michelle Tweedy said...

Torture!! I hate it when they get so smart!!