Thursday, September 24, 2009

Labor Day Fun???

We decided to check out the L.A. County Fair this year since we missed the Antelope Valley Fair in our area.

Results: Lucy loved it, Jim could take it or leave it, me....NEVER AGAIN!

It could be that we went on Labor Day, or get in a for $1 day, or it could be that L.A. is just a huge place with a ton of people so it is always that crazy...but NEVER AGAIN!

Lucy meeting Barbie at the dress up area. I didn't photograph the skanky fishnet stockings or miniskirt she was wearing. She didn't look like any Barbie in this household!

The petting zoo was fun for Lucy. She especially loved the goats.

There were some fun cutouts for cute photo ops...

Some of the fun rides


Season and Isabella said...

Love seeing you guys! I laughed when I saw your new foot picture at the top because I almost put a foot picture of Bella and I up. Great minds... :)

Customer Support said...

I love the pictures! At least Lucy had fun -- hee hee.