Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Ward Campout

I love the beach, in the mountains, anywhere that has cool breezes, shade and some form of water.

The ward campout was held at Silverwood Lake...but we weren't at the lake. No no, we were past it in a campground with a dry creekbed and bees....lots and lots of bees. Hungry bees. Oh and did I mention it was 104 degrees (in the shade). Just think what it felt like the next morning when the sun was actually shining on our tent...more like 194 degrees.

Oh, and lets not forget the 11-year old boys that decided that 6am was late enough to sleep and who decided that taking sticks and whacking their way through a small stand of brush to make a fort for the 11-year old girls "who will love us for this" was a great idea. Where were their parents you ask? In tents on the far side of the camp away from where they left their little nerds to have a slumber party!!! I'm not bitter.

But I digress. Of all the kiddos there, and there were a lot of them, guess whose kid ended up with the tiny headwound that bled like a stuck pig and screamed like a banshee??? guesster Chester...Mine!

Did I mention that I really do love camping (just not this time)!

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DeAnn said...

There is something that happens to cute little boys when they turn 10 and 11. They enter this annoying stage that lasts until they are 16 at which time you pray they will normal out a bit.

Oh, and I HATE bees!