Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Super Saturday!

Here are the projects we are doing at our Super Saturday this year.
Crayon Rolls taught by Lori Arntz

Decorative Snowman Plate taught by DeeAnn Haworth

Post-it Note Holder taught by DeeAnn Haworth

Placemat Scripture Totes taught by Cei Kratz

Joy Blocks taught by Mina Krutsch

We will also have a Humanitarian Aid Station set up so the sisters can work on small projects while waiting for their classes to begin. There will be tables set up so they can also bring their own projects to work on.

There will be a Taster's Table of Christmas Food Gifts to make, along with recipes to take home.

a Taco Bar for lunch.

I'm so excited. Our ward has not had a Super Saturday since the year we moved in, 2005! It's been a long time coming. Pray for me that all goes well so we can do it again next year!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO bummed we wont be there for it! Everything looks SO cute!

Michelle Tweedy said...

Great projects!! How did you do that cute snowman plate?? Is it vinyl?

Season and Isabella said...

Oh my goodness, HOW have you been surviving without SS for 4 YEARS???? Way funner than our super saturday!....oops did I type that? Could you teach me the plate via e-mail. I love that!