Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calaveras County

We took a quick trip up north to Calaveras County, just to get out of town and enjoy a week of relaxation. Many of you many know that Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens wrote a famous short story about a jumping frog from this area. They have taken this story to heart in Angels Camp, California, as seen by the decor in our condo.

We decided to do some spelunking while in the area and ended up a Moaning Caverns. The pre-tour info was exciting and then we headed over the entrance to the cave. After taking about 10 steps into the cavern I felt like I was having a panic attack and could not breathe...this has never happened before and was very scary to me. So I backed out and set outside reading travel brochures while Lucy and Jim explored the caves without me. Who knew I was claustrophobic???

Here are some views from our balcony. It was beautiful, when it wasn't raining. It is sad that I pray all year for some rain and then the week we take vacation it rains both at home and where we have traveled too....ugh.

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Michelle Tweedy said...

Such beautiful country. We were there several years for a family reunion and just loved it!