Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Beach Trip

My dearest and best missionary companion, DeAnn Hansen, came for a visit and I had promised her a trip to "our" beach before she headed home. Many of you know that the weather here in Southern California has been less than wonderful and it rained cats and dogs and even snowed a little the week she was here. BUT, the weather.com was correct and we had sunny skies and a little warmer weather on Saturday, so we headed to the beach! Yay!
It was a bit chilly, but the water was the same temperature as the air, so we got in the water and enjoyed it. It was the getting out that was BRRRRRR!
Kite Flying with Dad and playing in the seafoam

Who needs SNOW when you have SAND???

1 comment:

DeAnn said...

I love the sand-angel! I love your beach! I love the rocks Lucy picked out! I loved watching her play! I love you all.