Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beeeee ootiful??? I think not.

We had our VT Conference a couple of weeks ago and somehow....I got roped into making the cake using a giant muffin cake pan. First, let me say that the RS President had tried to make this cake twice and it just wasn't working who opened her big mouth and said she would give it a try??? You guester Chester. Moi! Stupid girl.

Anyway, after much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth...I got the cake made. Then came the fun part. Decorating it to look like a beehive. Did I mention that the theme of the meeting was "What's All The Buzz About"?

So, here it is in all its UNGLORY! I was so embarrased...but we used it anyway.

Feel free to submit it to Cake Wrecks...I won't be offended....


DeAnn said...

Okay - for the record -- It's bright and cheery and looks yummy. I have one of those muffin/cupcake pans that I haven't used yet. Will you be offended if I borrow this idea only decorate it in chocolate frosting and use cut out flies?

DeeAnn Haworth said...

You crack me up DeAnn! So are you saying it looks like poo???