Thursday, March 25, 2010

Placemat Craft Challenge

I am participating in a craft challenge. Here is the link to the website:

Here are two scripture totes that I made with placemats and ribbon. So fun and easy!

1. Lay the placemat out flat.
2. Lay your ribbon on the placemat and when you have it where you want it tape it down with double stick tape.
3. Sew the ribbon down.
4. Fold the placemat in half with right sides together.
5. Pin edges and sew up each side. Be sure to use a heavy duty sewing machine needle.
6. While still inside out, fold each point to the seam and decide how wide you want the flat bottom to be. Sew across the fold and cut the excess fabric away.
7. Turn right side out and embellish with ribbons, buttons, flowers, etc.

I got both these placemats at Anna's Linens. The ribbon was from Michaels.


Holly said...

Cute and look great - can't beat that when using a pre-made placemat!!

Season and Isabella said...

Super cute..Too bad I stink it up at sewing...

DeAnn said...

Who ARE you??? You amaze me! I think I can even make these and um I think it's a great YW activity.

Lisa said...

Love these. This would be great for super saturday! Love the material too. Very cute.