Thursday, April 22, 2010

Making Yummies with Grans

Yes, Lucy calls my mom Grans. I don't know where she got it. I call her Grannie. The other cousins call her Grandma Rae. But Lucy came up with Grans. So Grans it is. Anyway, here is a photo essay on some of their doings together the past few days. Enjoy!

Mom's famous baking powder biscuits


Froot Loops Treats

Still on the agenda: Chocolate dipped pretzels


Season and Isabella said...

Yum - Where's mine?

MARTHA said...

Those biscuits look incredible, not to mention the other goodies. Yum! Go Lucy! Go Grans!

DeAnn said...

Oh that looks fun. I adore your new header picture.

Anonymous said...

Ok that's it you're trying to lure me back to Lancaster via blogger! Lucy is looking so grown up!