Friday, June 4, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday (Friday)

Twelve Things I Love About Our New Home + One Thing I Don't
1. The rose garden
2. The gorgeous back yard
3. The swamp cooler
4. A separate living room and family room
5. The lovely neighborhood
6. It's three blocks from the church
7. It's three blocks from Lucy's school
8. My neighbors
9. The garden spot
10. The trees all around it
11. The birds singing in the trees all around it
12. The mailbox is next to the house
and...the one thing I HATE about this home
13. The kitchen...or should I say lack of kitchen (it is tiny compared to our old one. Of course, every kitchen is tiny compared to our old one)

1 comment:

Season and Isabella said...

Beautiful roses! And I love your new blogging background - I'll have to check that site out! Sounds like lots of fun stuff with the new house! I SO love living close to our church bldg as well! That is Tim and the kids latest fav spot to hang out because....(my cop husband here)...he lets them drive in the parking lot. With help of course, but still!!! And we have snuck in many a mon nights for FHE and played BB in the gym....Ah the benefits of having keys. :) Well anyway, enjoy! Glad the move is over!