Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday

I almost forgot to post this....

Thirteen Projects That Need Completing Around Here
1. Unpack the rest of the boxes
2. Figure out where to store my spices
3. Get the garden planted before it is too late
4. Get all our "extra" items listed on Craigslist
5. Go thru all our books and either post them on* or make a donation to the Friends of the Library
6. Plan a summer campout
7. Make curtains for the kitchen
8. Get the genealogy bins sorted and into the rolltop desk
9. Make slipcovers for the sunfaded, bird picked lawn furniture
10. Paint Lucy's Adirondack furniture for the patio
11. Hang the bird feeders and buy birdseed
12. Give Clover a bath
13. Run away!

*I love this site for swapping books (all books, not just paperbacks). If you go and decide to sign up, PLEASE mention that you heard about them from me so I will get a free credit. Thanks so very much!


DeAnn said...

If one of your "extra items" is the cricut - you can skip craigs list and send it right to me

Season and Isabella said...

Can I run away with you???

DeeAnn Haworth said...

Yes, Season, you can. Where shall we go?