Monday, August 25, 2008

Surviving Summer

It's August 25th and it is 102 degrees! I often wonder whatever possessed us to move to the desert. But then winter rolls around and I remember how wonderful it is to have no snow, no cold, no bulky coats, hats and mittens, etc... and it makes the summer ALMOST bearable.

Seriously, this summer has seemed very long and hot, but we have found lots of fun things to do to stay cool. Camping at the beach, swim lessons, swimming in our friends' pools, playing on our friend's waterslide, and the ever popular, staying inside!

I have gotten a lot of reading done this summer as well. With Lucy able to entertain herself more and my insomnia, I have found lots of time to read. I still have stacks and stacks of books sitting around in every room of my house so there will be no slowing down for a while. (Like I would want to!!!).

I also invested in a Cricut at Christmas time and have been having lots of fun creating with it. A group of my friends have even started a club and we get together twice a month to do fun projects together.

All in all the summer has been a good one. But I am definitely ready for a little fall weather. Besides, its time for school, which means a new box of crayons! Yay!

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