Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Project Completed!

Well, I wanted to start the month out right by getting another pending project finished. So, I chose one that has been nagging at me for months but would be fairly easy to conquer.

I made an Excel spreadsheet of all our movies, both DVD and VHS. What a shock! Who knew we had so many. I ended up taking all the DVDs out of their cases and putting them in a zip-up notebook. That will save us tons of room. The cases are heading out to the shed to join all the CD cases from a previous project.

Now I just need to print it out and take the list with me when I go yard-saling so I won’t buy the same movies again.

Although this wasn’t a huge project it sure did make me feel lighter. It’s fun to see my project checklist getting some checkmarks put on it. Yay! I even have enough days left in the month to get an extra project or two done. What a concept!

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