Monday, February 9, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmmm.....

Recently Jim attended our Stake Priesthood Meeting. He always sits down afterward and tells me about the talks and what struck him about them. One of the counselors to our Stake President spoke about the way we have changed. He attended college in the sixties and noted that as he walked around campus people were wearing t-shirts with happy faces and flowers and loving slogans on them and now as he walks around he sees skulls and crossbones, knives, pirates, guns, scantily clad women, etc. His point was that Satan has gotten hold of us in so many ways that we might not even recognize. So…as I was checking out some websites that were advertised in one of my craft magazines I came across a company that makes baby things. Much to my chagrin and sadness this is one of the things that I found…..

Who would even want these on their sweet, innocent baby? What are people thinking????

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DeAnn said...

Okay - that is just wrong! Making them pink doesn't make it less depressing.