Monday, March 9, 2009

More Catching Up

So, I get antsy when I check all my friend’s blogs and they haven’t written…now I have been just as bad. Here’s one of the reasons why…
We finally had a date night on February 28th. After our dinner we had to run over to Kaiser to pick up some prescriptions. While standing in line my cell phone rings and it’s Jamie (who is watching Lucy). She was putting on jammies and found dozens of “little red spots” all over Lucy’s torso. Looks like chicken pox she says. EEEK!

So off we go to get the rugrat to take her to Kaiser Urgent Care for the rest of our date night (and early morning) and sure enough she had the POX! She was in a great mood as we hung out for four hours as attested by these few pictures we snapped in the waiting area.

We have been stranded without a car for about three months, but of course, this was the day that she spent most of with the Harris kids and the evening with the Morris kids, so she was spreading those little germies everywhere. So far no one else has gotten them...knock on wood. I sure am glad we paid good money for vaccinations!


Jolinda said...

Oh noooo! I haven't experienced that one yet. My kids got a couple spots once and we didn't even go to the doc, just kept them home till they were gone. I hear oatmeal baths are the trick. Good luck!

Jolinda said...

I just realized the date of your actual adventure. Hope she's all better!