Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Musings

We had a very powerful Sacrament meeting today. The bishops in our stake had been counseled to pray to know what their congregations needed to know at this time. Bishop Andrews said he prayed earnestly and had come up with several things that Heavenly Father wanted us to hear. (This is just a summary…I wish I had had a recorder to get every word!)

If you don’t know who your Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher is, find out from the Elders Quorum, High Priest Group Leader, or Relief Society who it is. Then call them and make an appointment for them to come see you.
Look for ways to help your spouse feel good about themselves every day.
Drop to your knees first thing in the morning and pray.
Study and feast upon the scriptures together as a family and also individually.
Finally, he went through each of the Ten Commandments and summarized what we should and should not be doing regarding them.

He then gave us a promise as a congregation that if we would follow the counsel given that we would grow as a ward and individually and be able to weather the storms that are upon us.

Going from the very spiritual meeting to teaching three very rambunctious Sunbeams was an extreme change in spirit. I have taught these little ones in Nursery for almost two years and yet, being now in Primary has been tough on all of us. I just can’t seem to get them to sit still and focus on the lesson or in Sharing/Singing Time. It is very disheartening and I come home almost in tears every week. I have tried several different things to help them and I just can’t seem to get it together.

Then I came across this quote by Elder Boyd K. Packer that I copied down from Helping and Healing Our Families: “Every call, every service in the Church brings experience and valuable insights which carry over into family life.” I am stumped as to what I am to learn…is it how not to strangle a three-year old??? I thought I was getting that training at home already! Did I mention my three-year old is one of my Sunbeams???

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DeAnn said...

Just catching up on your blog. Several years ago I taught Sunbeams (my short stint NOT in YW.) I loved it but it was hard. At first I felt like a failure if the kids wouldn't stay in their chairs during the lessons or sharing time. Sometimes they were under the table or even laying on the floor. By the time I was released I figured if their butt was anywhere near the chair -- it was success. One of those kids (who made me cry) is about to be ordained a priest. Just try to enjoy them for the 2 or 3 seconds they aren't squirming around or touching each other. You are laying the "foundation for a great work" in each of their tiny little (and sometimes obnoxious) souls.