Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things I Love About My Mom

1. She is such a good Grandma to Lucy (she even lets Lucy do this to her)
2. She remembers special days
3. She always sends thank you cards
4. She is a fabulous baker
5. She always had nice dinners for us
6. She can get any stain out of laundry
7. Her smile
8. She didn't give up on her desire to become a mom
9. She let me check out as many library books as I wanted when I was a kid
10. Her gardening skills
11. Her cleaning skills
12. That she served an honorable mission
13. She adopted me

1 comment:

Season and Isabella said...

Oh, I have a little tear in my eye. Your mom is indeed a wonderful women with many strengths. I love her so too! You are very blessed! Happy Mother's Day!