Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Goings On

So, we just returned from an 11 day trip to Utah and Idaho. We started our adventure visiting with our dear friends, the Krutschs and the Cox Family, who have moved from Lovely Lancaster to Spanish Fork. It was so good to see all of them and to be in their new home. They treated us like royalty and we had a wonderful night's sleep in a soft cushy bed. Mina and Jess fixed us a tasty 4 point breakfast so we could stay on track with our weight loss. I LOVE THEM! It was the 24th of July when we got there and let me tell you, there was some fantastic fireworks going on in that valley. Oh to live in Zion....

Then on the road again to get to Grandma's house in Preston, Idaho. We spent a few days there enjoying her and the cousins next door. Marcia's kids got a new puppy, a chocolate lab, that we had lots of fun playing with. We spent some time up on the hill one evening. We were going to roast marshmallows and make smore's but the wind was too bad so we just sat around on hay bales and chatted for a couple of hours while the kids played. It was so nice to have a cool breeze (something we don't see much of here in Lovely Lancaster).

Jim and I then headed up to Rexburg for BYUI Ed Week. It was AWESOME and I will do another post or two on all that I learned while I was there.

On our way we stopped in Pocy to see Sarah and her girls, and Aaron. I cannot believe how much that kid has grown! He is taller than his dad now!

Our oldest son, Ryan and his family live there, so we got treated to a delicious dinner Wednesday night. Constance is such a great cook! We ate more than we should have, but it was well worth it! We also got to meet our newest grandchild, Eliza. She is a cutie patootie and never stops smiling, just like her momma. Loved seeing the other kids too.Joshie
Constance with her mega, football shaped cheesecake!

On our way back from Rexburg we saw the most amazing rainbow. It ended up in a double rainbow and the colors were so vivid. I haven't seen one like that in a long, long time!

Back to Preston for another day and half. We finally made it to the reservoir to make those smore's. It was such a fun night. Grandma brought glow sticks for the kids and they had a blast. I think they enjoyed those more than roasting the marshmallows!

We also got to see one of our "Cupids" in Preston. Sheila was there with her son, Andrew and her mom for Rodeo and her aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary party. It was so darn good to see her!!!

Monday we hit the road again for home. We were lucky to have a friend in Cedar City who welcomed us into her home for the night. We had a very restful evening with her and then on home yesterday.

I love to take trips, but it is ALWAYS good to come home!

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Anonymous said...

We seriously SO LOVED having you guys come visit! You're SO welcome here anytime! I can't wait to hear about what you learned!