Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Very Special Day

The librarians at our local library are just so wonderful! I have been going to this particular branch of the LA County Library since we moved here in 2003. Long before Miss Twinkle Toes was born. So they "knew" her in the womb and have been the greatest supporters ever since.
I think the library is one of the true genius ideas ever! It's the first place I go whenever I move to a new place (and you know how many times I have moved)! I wanted the day Lucy got her library card to be a very special I waited until she was a little older so it would mean something to her. I asked my FAVORITE librarian, Kim, to make it an extra special event and she did! She had a special "signing" area, gave her a pink lanyard to hang her card on, and gave her a bag full of goodies to get her started as a card-carrying member.
One thing that I remember growing up is being able to go to the library and checking out as many items as I wanted to. My mom was great about it. So that has been my motto too. We have come home many times with not just one, but two library bags full to the rim with back-breaking weight, but we read every night and most days too, so the books get read and we read many over and over again.
I want to thank Kim and all the staff at the Quartz Hill Library for their awesome attention to their patrons. They know us by name, they know what is going on in our lives, they are friendly and fun to be around, they are FRIENDS! Thanks so much!

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Season and Isabella said...

HOW fun!! I gave my kids library cards for their birthdays with a bag when they were old enough too. They loved it - and still do! BTW - You are looking awesome! I can totally see a difference! Keep it up girlie!