Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Trip to the Beach

Jim had Monday off so we decided that we would go to the beach. We hadn’t been there since Labor Day. We woke up late and it was cloudy and cool here in the AV so we were debating whether we should make the trip. We even went online to check the weather forecast – which was low 70’s until the wind was going to come up at around 1 p.m. After all this we still decided to go. We didn’t take any swimwear or boogie boards, just got dressed, grabbed the camp chairs, bucket of beach toys, and made a quick picnic.

We took a different route this time since Jim wanted to check out a site for the Scouts winter campout. The new drive was nice and we made it in about the same time as usual – 1 hour 45 minutes. When we left the AV it was about 45 degrees and as we headed west it got warmer and warmer, it was 82 degrees when we got to Oxnard. Then as we headed down the PCH it started to drop and within ten minutes it was back down at 68 degrees. I was hoping that the long pants and jacket that I had for Lucy would be warm enough. Jim and I were both in shorts!

But do not be dismayed…as we pulled up and started unloading I could feel a definite warmth. It wasn’t cool at all…it was a perfect day. No breeze, no clouds, just sand and sun as far as the eye could see.

Lucy and I took a trek down the beach and she kept asking if she could get in the water and I kept telling her no, we didn’t have a change of clothes or even a towel for her. What a rotten mother I am!!! She kept asking over and over again and kept getting her legs deeper into the waves until one knocked her over. Now she was IN THE WATER and her clothing was soaked. Oh well, we would have to figure out something. When we got back to our spot in the sand I just took her shirt and pants off and let her run in her undies and camisole. She was just as covered as if she were in a suit and she was happy as a CLAM.

As you can see from the pix, we had to improvise on what to do for the ride home. Luckily, Jim has a suitcase in the trunk with a change of clothes, etc. in case it ever snows him out again (see previous post) so we dug out his shirt and swathed her in it. She thought she was the coolest kid on the block. It was like a big, snuggly nightgown to her.

Thus, even though I didn’t plan very well for our trip to the beach we all had a great time and were recharged for the week.

P.S. We even saw “our dolphins” again.

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Jolinda said...

Looks like a great day! Our beach is frozen from now until forever!! (Last year it was MAY!) I'd give almost anything for high 60s outside!! :o)